Welcome back. Today I will be blogging about one of the most craziest things I’ve ever done in my life… and believe me, I’ve done a lot of crazy stuff…

Back in September… I wasn’t in my best mental state so I did a lot of “not good things”… still not doing my best but way better lol. Anyways, That day I was kinda having a breakdown and I uhm… jumped out of the car while we were driving 😃 so smart. I wasn’t really cooperating that day, and my grandma was tired so she didn’t know how to handle me, and I just didn’t want to go home, so I opened the door and jumped out and ran no stopping.

I’ve jumped out of a car before because someone was trying to take me that wasn’t supposed to… and for some ridiculous reason I’d always watch self defense videos and how to get out of situations. So, I thought I knew how to get out safely… but unfortunately I hurt myself a bit. When I got up a lady asked me if I was okay and I just said “yeah” even though I wasn’t, and my leg had been bruised and bleeding… and it didn’t help anything that I happened to be wearing shorts. This all happened right after a long day of school in town… and it seemed to be the worst day of my life. There’s lots more but I’d rather not say because I feel as if I’ve already gone “too deep”.

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  1. Hi Erika! Mr.E told us to comment so here i am! I liked you blog and i really hope you are doing better now! I as well have been struggling with my mental health lately, sorry if that TMI but oh well. Anyways i like the blog, your a good writer!

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