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Hello! Welcome back. Today I will be teaching you some basic Italian… I’m continuing to learn it so I thought it would be a good idea to blog about it with running out of ideas and all.

I really like Italy. It looks like such a beautiful country. I was supposed to go on a trip to Italy with my dad… but then unfortunately Covid hit, and straight up ruined EVERYTHING. All my good and exciting plans down the drain 😃👍:( But what can you do eh. Anyways… here are some basic phrases and conversation starters in Italian!

  • Hello!- Ciao!
  • Goodbye- Arrivederci
  • How are you?- come va?
  • How is your day?- com’é la tua giornata?
  • What is your name?- come ti chiami?
  • where is…- dove si trova…
  • What is your favourite colour?- qual é il tuo colore preferito?
  • red- (m) rosso (f) rossa
  • yellow- (m) giallo (f) gialla
  • blue- blu
  • purple- viola
  • pink- rosa
  • green- verde
  • and you?- e tu?
  • What are you doing?- cosa fai?

Those are just some basic phrases and conversation starters:) As you noticed… particular colours are masculine and feminine… and most masculine words end in “o” and feminine words end in “a”.

Thanks for readin 👍

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