Hello welcome back. Recently I’ve been learning electric guitar, with my uncle as my teacher. He actually used to play in a teen band years back. I find it really helpful to calm my mood lol. Like especially when I’m mad, I’ll just go and play.

I love playing electric guitar. It’s actually one of my favourite things to do. But I’m struggling with one REALLY big issue. I have really small hands. It’s super difficult to reach the frets, and my hands get extremely sore.  Also pushing down on the notes is pretty difficult, but not as difficult as reaching the frets. If you don’t press the strings down hard enough to create the note, it won’t sound right, which results in a lot of fails and mess ups. I struggled with that.

If you ever decide to start learning electric guitar, I highly, HIGHLY, and if I didn’t make it clear, one more time… HIGHLY suggest you get an amp. It sounds sooo much better with an amp. Especially if you want that hard rock sound, which would be the grain effect.

A few months ago I learnt some piano, I would have to say in my opinion, guitar is easier, but both different in their own ways. But anywhoo, yeah I’ll probably do some updates on here about that!

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