is it winter or not.

Today, I didn’t know what to blog about, so I just decided to blog about the weather here in Manitoba.

Now, the weather is currently consistent, but a week or two ago, it was literally snowing. At the end of April. For real. That’s one con about living here. One day its 18 degrees then it’s snowing. Please mother nature make up your mind. You know? It gets a bit frustrating, and messes with my mood, but what can I do right?

But I don’t mind it because I know summer is on it’s way. I’m really grateful that I don’t like somewhere like Toronto or Vancouver, where it’s always raining. But I mean, change is nice.

Also one struggle I have is allergies, and dry skin. Holyyy I hate having dry akin, especially on my hands. It hurts really bad. Also, I’m severely allergic to mold, so in the spring, the moisture from the ground gives me allergies.  But it’s whatever right! Gotta enjoy life!!!

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