Welcome back. Today I will be blogging about one of the most craziest things I’ve ever done in my life… and believe me, I’ve done a lot of crazy stuff…

Back in September… I wasn’t in my best mental state so I did a lot of “not good things”… still not doing my best but way better lol. Anyways, That day I was kinda having a breakdown and I uhm… jumped out of the car while we were driving 😃 so smart. I wasn’t really cooperating that day, and my grandma was tired so she didn’t know how to handle me, and I just didn’t want to go home, so I opened the door and jumped out and ran no stopping.

I’ve jumped out of a car before because someone was trying to take me that wasn’t supposed to… and for some ridiculous reason I’d always watch self defense videos and how to get out of situations. So, I thought I knew how to get out safely… but unfortunately I hurt myself a bit. When I got up a lady asked me if I was okay and I just said “yeah” even though I wasn’t, and my leg had been bruised and bleeding… and it didn’t help anything that I happened to be wearing shorts. This all happened right after a long day of school in town… and it seemed to be the worst day of my life. There’s lots more but I’d rather not say because I feel as if I’ve already gone “too deep”.

disaster in the making.

This winter break seemed so long. It was sooo boring too… and I got so bored I dyed my hair blue. It was terrible. And I ended up ruining my hair. When I came back to school it was a little bit green…

I don’t know what I was thinking that night. I was feeling confident and I wanted to go for a bold colour but it ended up looking good but it killed my hair and now I’m losing more hair then usual which is fun✌

I haven’t gotten my hair trimmed in almost  year now and it’s sooo dead. And plus I would straighten and curl it all the time which used heat and damaged it:( The dye had ended up turning my hair hard after and wouldn’t come out even though it said it would eventually… but it just turned green.

I think I ended up doing this because I’ve always wanted dark hair and it was a dark colour… plus there wasn’t any brown or black. It was just cheap pharmacy stuff so that’s probably why I lost some hair…

I dyed it when I was with a friend, and when my grandpa came to get me it was dark and he never noticed. When I got home and walked in the door my grandma was standing right there… and omg the look on her face was priceless and she was speechless. She wasn’t mad, but my grandpa was. He’s mad about everything lol. My grandma told me to leave it and my grandpa told me to get it out that that was awesome. I washed it about 8 times… then a few days after I started losing more hair than usual.

obviously I got it out because my hairs blonde again… but it was a nightmare to get out. Never again…

my dream jobs✌

Hola welcome back. Today I will be talking about some of my “dream jobs” if you wish to say. I have quite a few ideas in mind and all of them interest me, but it’ll be difficult to choose one!

1. DJ

I’m really interested in learning more about music and how it’s made as well as remixed. I just think it’s so cool and I love listening to bass boosted music as well as trap. It seems to be my type of music, and I think it would be awesome if I continued learning so I could create my own. I wanna go to big concerts and parties and be that DJ that everyone knows.

2. Racecar driver

I am so obsessed with classy and modern race cars there isn’t even words to describe how much I’m obsessed. They just give off those easy renegade vibes you know? And I’m down for the challenge. It’ll be dangerous but you gotta go for it follow your dreams>:) It would be super cool. Period.

3. Therapist

This job is not as intense as the previous job I mentioned, but I guess it depends on how you think about it because it could be mentally intense. I feel like I’ve seen a lot… more than other people have seen and been through… but I don’t wanna sound like that poor little helpless soul and say “Oh ya I’ve seen it all”, because I haven’t seen it all. But bottom line is I’ve been through a lot and I thin that helping someone else with situation would give me some kind of satisfaction because I know I’m giving that person the help that I didn’t receive until later in my childhood I guess.

4. 911 Operator

In line with the same thing as what I mentioned above, I love helping people. It makes me happy to see them happy. And also I’ve seen some movies with 911 operators in them and some of the calls seem intense. I know it’s bad, but I like bone-chilling situations and especially if I could help would be awesome. But. I will have to be mentally prepared for it…

5. Cop

I used to always convince myself that I never ever want to be police officer, but now I really do. Investigating, helping solve crimes, and helping people… That’s all of it right there. I put this one near the bottom of my list because I know it’ll be very difficult and I’m not sure if I could handle it mentally or physically…

Thanks for reading:>

Winter season (Christmas) and mental health

Hello welcome back. I hope everyone had a good winter break:) I’m pretty sure everyone I know did. There were still some options left for activities you could do with your family. Today I will be talking about winter and the impact it has on mental health in positive ways.

First thing I think of when I think of winter is Christmas. Lights, family time, baking, cooking, and skating are just some of the basic things associated with Christmas. On CTV news, and many articles, it had been proven that families who had decorated and had taken part in winter activities with family had better mental health which boosted moods.

Another great thing about this is a day when everyone has everything off. No work, or school, which makes for perfect family “bonding time”. Since mostly everything has been cancelled and discontinued due to Covid, there’s still many things to do such as baking, skating, as well as games either online or that you have made up. Another great thing to do is to video call family on Christmas. Even though you can’t see them, you still get the warm feeling just by seeing their smiling faces.

The decorations and  lights are so breath taking honestly. For me, seeing a well decorated house and just driving by feels like my soul left my body. It’s just so beautiful. Everyone is different, but for majority of people, seeing all of this boosts mental health and mood, even if it’s for a short amount of time it seems to last forever in your mind.

I hope this informed ya’ll on the topic. What did you do on your winter break?

the legend of badminton:)

Hello! Welcome back. Today I will be blogging about the history of badminton and as well as past events. I don’t really like sports other than tennis and badminton. But badminton is my favourite. Anyways…

Badminton had been invented in India, a little while after the 18th century. Even before that, a very similar game had been played in Greece. The first version of badminton was called “poona”. Shortly after it had been invented, British army officers had learned the game around the year 1870. And in 1873, the duke of Beaufort had ‘introduced’ the sport to his country estate, badminton, from which the sport gets the name. An article had said that, “It was like Battledore and shuttlecock” played with sides, across a string suspended five feet from the ground.

In 1887, the ‘Bath Badminton Club’ had been created, and then replaced in 1893 by the Badminton Association of England, which governed the rules that are still in competitive play. The military personnel had introduced badminton to Vancouver in 1890’s.

Canadian Badminton facts:    Badminton Canada was founded in 1921, where the first national championships had been held in Montreal. Canada is one of the first nine founding members of the International Badminton Federation in 1934. Jamie Paulson of Calgary had won the gold medal in men’s singles at the 1970 games at Commonwealth Games, in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 1992, six Canadians had left to compete in Barcelona, Spain.

Those are just the basics of past badminton events:)


Have you ever heard of the “Falcon Supernova pink diamond iPhone”? Neither have I until this morning! I was just scrolling through social media and saw this strange looking device. It almost looks fake. I’m not even sure if it’s real to be honest. Many things are just fake to get attention.

But anyways, apparently, in the U.S, this device costs about $45.8 million. It does because there is an 24 karat gold casing around the phone, as well as a huge pink diamond placed in the back. The pink diamond is the most expensive. Another selection would either be the Orange and blue diamond models which come at the price of $42.5 million and $32.5 million.

Most well-functioning gadgets are the most expensive it seems to be. Phones and devices have become a part of our daily lives, so I can understand why designers would launch for new, expansive models to ‘jazz’ up the look. But I mean $45 million?!?!!! That is A LOT. I honestly think that that is waaaay too much.

As well as there is another model similar to this called, “iPhone 5 black diamond,” which is around $15 million. This is also made using 135g of 24 karat solid gold. This model had taken around 9 weeks to build. The chassis had been placed with about 600 white diamonds, and the apple logo on the back, about 53. The phone also has a sapphire screen. And where the black diamond comes in place, is in the home button. A delicate black diamond that has replaced the home button. The diamond had weigh 26-carat. This priceless diamond had belonged to a Chinese business man who had commissioned the phone from a luxury product designer, Stuart Hughes.

 I know I would never buy any of these products😃👍 Would you…? If you had the money…?

fashion. week.

Okay so I don’t know why I chose this title… but today I will be talking about Lady Gaga’s Meat dress. Just some random facts and opinions..

One of her first sentences on this dress were, ” It’s certainly no disrespect to anyone that’s vegan or vegetarian.” She is actually vegan herself! She had also stated, ” I am not a piece of meat.”

She had worn this dress to accept her video of the year trophy for Bad Romance. She didn’t exactly say why she wore it, other than she has said it was tied to her protest against the military’s, “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. But apparently her meat dress was made out of real meat from a family butcher. As well as her purse. About 25 pounds of meat had been put into the dress and cost about $100.

There’s one thing I don’t understand. If she’s vegan, why is she wearing meat…?

sorry I know this was short:(

Latest news…?

Okay so yesterday I was home, because I wasn’t feeling my best. And right after my grandparents had watched the news, The Social had came on. I kinda find The Social annoying to be honest. But I just happened to be sitting there and heard something that confused me.

So apparently it was Kim Kardashian’s birthday recently. And she flew on a private jet to a private island in Tahiti. She took some of her friends as well as family. But during a pandemic…? I mean yeah pfft sure if I was as rich as her I’d do the same thing. But I don’t think I would do that during a pandemic?

The lady on The Social said that they are now quarantining. For 2 weeks of course. I’m not exactly sure how many people went. What if they all had covid and didn’t know it? :0

Interviewing Ellie:)

Hello! Welcome back:) Today I will be ‘interviewing’ one of good friends Ellie.

So I basically just wrote basic questions down on a piece of paper.

Ellie’s birthday is July 4th, and she is 12 years old at the moment 🙂 She also has 2 siblings. A few of her hobbies are; reading, and going for walks. She has 5 pets; 3 dogs and 2 cats. She really likes cats. Her favourite breed is the Scottish fold.

Her favourite colour is lavender. Which is such a beautiful colour. She also really likes summer. I don’t know why…  but when I think of summer I think of bright colors haha.

One interesting fact about Ellie is that she loves cross country skiing 🙂

I know this was short… but I hope know you know some things about Ellie and maybe get to know her better. She’s an amazing friend 😊


Okay so you know how all kids say they love winter, probably because they get to play in the snow. And their parents say they hate winter. I honestly don’t like the cold. I get cold so easy. Other than that, I don’t mind it. As well as there are lots of recreational sports in winter. Hopefully there is outside skating this year. Or inside.

I realllyyyy hate dressing up and stuff. I mean not because some people say, “It doesn’t look cool.” But I really don’t care. I just think it’s reallly annoying. Especially at school. With all this covid stuff we’ll have to be quicker and if you know me, I  procrastinate and I’m slow.

OH OH and as well it’ll be flu/cold season. And some people might get sick. Which will be VERY scary right now.

One thing I really like about winter is Christmas. I really like the vibes it gives off. If you know what I mean. I’m sure we can all agree.

What’s your opinion on winter…?